Mushroom corn – Butterfly corn and the winner is?????

Well poppin friends, we tried out mushroom corn last weekend and we really liked the way that it popped, less “old maids”, large, fluffier kernels.  Now, you are probably thinking = what they hey dilly is Mushroom Corn right?

Well, I shall explain:

The primary difference between mushroom and butterfly popcorn is the shape of the kernel. Mushroom kernels are more round and compact which provides a larger surface area for coatings to stick to, making it perfect for gourmet confections such as kettle and caramel corn.  And in our case – Kettle Korn!!!

Here are some pictures of what we popped and the batches may be smaller, however we like the end product better.  The cost of mushroom corn is a bit more expensive than what we have been using, however, we are going to absorb those costs for now, keep our pricing as is ($5.00/sm, $7.00/lg) and make a go of it.

Due to some potential weather issues this weekend we won’t be setting up our normal tent and kettle at the St. Peter’s Catholic Church Spring Craft fair, but we will be inside selling our sweet, salty delicious treat.  So if you are in the “market” for us to be at an event but no space outside for us – we will pre-pop and bring our product to you and sell inside at a table.

Till next time!

Cathryn and Matty